We are pillow manufacturers specializing in the production and processing of various types of pillow. Our main products include sleeping pillow, memory foam pillow, neck pillow, body pillow, hotel pillow, pillow case etc.

Our factory is focusing on using technology to improve people’s life quality. It integrates sales, design, research and development, and quality control. From changing the composition of raw materials, and based on users’ habits and applications, it aims to redefine the product to improve the user experience.

Pillow custom is not simple because many factors are involved, pillow filling material, pillow shape, pillow case and the pillow design idea.

  • Pillow OEM service for pillow importers, distributors, brands, and business.
  • Offering one-stop service from sampling, production, private labelling to shipping.
  • Unlimited pillow options available.
  •  Pillow — PRIMARK & BSCI certificated pillows factory.
Custom bed pillow
Custom leg pillow
Custom lumbar pillow
Custom memory foam pillow
Custom microbead pillow
Custom neck pillow
Custom pregnancy pillow
Custom shaped pillow
Custom travel pillow
Custom face pillow

Our Custom pillow design guideline:
The following is a brief guide for you to understand how pillows are designed from the first pillow idea to the last finished pillow on the machine.
Explain the pillow design idea 
Confirm the pillow material
Check out the sample
Final Step: Transferring a pillow design to a production file

Our Custom Pillow Customer:
1. Travel Agency: Help your guests to get a peaceful sleep with our quality travel pillows.
2. Airport Shop: For all business people who travel frequently, we help provide them with our best products.
3. Exhibition Gifts: We provide wholesale pillows to the exhibition organizer to help them promote their exhibition.
4. Government: We, our pillow are proud to serve our government agencies too.
5. Retail: We have also shown our magnificent work in the retail sector.
6. Online Shopping Mall: We have supplied hundreds of quality products to Online Shopping Malls.
7. Private Label: Tell us your design and we will manufacture it in our own way.
8. Correctional: Due to our quality, flexibility, and durability of our product the correctional places are also getting benefits.