U-shaped pillows help you get rid of sub-health

U-shaped pillow is designed for rest in the car according to the ergonomic principles. It can relax the pressure and help sleep when resting on the neck; the U-shaped pillow is especially suitable for long-distance driving, which can make the driver’s head adjust 15-20 degrees to avoid jugular veins. The oppression of the vehicle reduces fatigue and is conducive to safe driving.

Physiological studies have shown that after 4-5 hours of excitement, human brain cells will turn into a suppressed state. Especially for long-distance travelers, it is easy to get tired after bumps, and it is easy to doze off after a long time. Almost all passengers who take train seats and long-distance buses will encounter a common problem-it is difficult to sleep, there is nothing in the head and neck to sleep on the back of the seat, it is easy to slip, and the neck is sore after a long time, which is extremely uncomfortable. , U-shaped pillow is an inflatable pillow specially designed for car rest based on ergonomics. It is filled with air sleeve and rests on the back of the car seat. It can relieve pressure and help sleep. It can also be placed on the table to sleep, avoiding arms. Eyeballs and facial nerves are compressed, and can also be used to lie down and rest. The fluid in the inflatable pillow can make people in a natural state, so that the human body functions can be adjusted optimally.

You can also use the U-shaped pillow as a piece of furniture accessory. You can enjoy its comfort when you are watching TV, playing with children, reading, or just resting. Cross the two ends of the U-shaped pillow, or bend it to support the back, head and neck, because it is so flexible, you have a variety of postures to meet the needs of your body. U-shaped pillow is very suitable for everyone in your family, regardless of height and weight, it can provide the most comfortable support.