How to choose the right neck pillow?

With the pressure of daily work and the importance of health preservation, people are paying more and more attention to their own cervical spine health problems. Then the memory pillow has become a new trend in rehabilitation of cervical spine health.

The U-shaped memory pillow uses a butterfly-shaped groove echo design, which completely conforms to the natural 23° cervical spine physiological curve, and forms a natural traction under the gravity stretch of the head backward. The U-shaped memory pillow is good for supporting the neck and shoulders, leveling the angle of view, reducing neck and eye fatigue, conforming to the body’s curve, and maintaining a close fit with the body. It is very suitable for watching TV, driving, playing computer, office lunch break and daily care of cervical spondylosis.

The memory pillow is a pillow made of slow rebound material. It is made according to ergonomics and the principle of human magnetic field, using the latest popular high-tech space memory foam technology. Generally, the slow rebound time is 3-5 seconds. Compared with latex pillows, memory foam is synthetic, has a slow rebound function, and is harder than latex. Its function is to make frequently used memory pillows form the inherent shape of the human head and neck, so that the human neck and shoulder muscles can be Get relaxed, without a sense of oppression. Therefore, how to choose a memory pillow for cervical spine patients? In terms of material, the memory pillow is a correct choice.

Memory foam pillows have unique advantages over ordinary pillows. It can absorb the impact. The memory pillows we usually use will press the auricle, and the memory pillow has zero pressure, so this will not happen; the memory pillow can reduce the possibility of stiff neck, because the ability of self-defining plasticity can be fixed Head and neck; In addition, the memory pillow is anti-mildew and antibacterial, breathable and moisture-absorbing, keeping the pillow clean at any time.

Another feature of the memory pillow is its resilience. The rebound force of the memory pillow can basically offset each other with the pressure of the body, which is to make the contact close to zero pressure, while reducing the pressure of the body’s own weight on the spine, muscles, capillaries and nervous system, forming a healthy microcirculation, and reducing the frequency of turning over. , Effectively prolong the time of deep sleep, achieve the effect of quickly recovering the body’s physical fitness, and at the same time play a special care for the spine. Give you 8 hours of physical therapy every day.