Best Custom Pillow for you

  • Custom Pillow for People with Back Pain
    A person suffering from back pain cannot sleep like a person sleeping on his back, because the weight of the entire body is pressed on his back, then it will prompt him to become a side sleeper , And the pillow can help people align their spine and adjust to the best sleeping posture when they sleep on their side.
  • Custom Pillow for People with Knee Pain
    When people sleep, their sleeping posture is not fixed. They move, but people with knee pain cannot move. Once they move their body, their knees will move with it. Then knee pain will make them awake and unable to wake up. Sleep again, and the knee pillow can help people fix their legs when they sleep on their sides, reducing the number of pains caused by movement.
  • Custom Pillow for People with Hip Pain
    Hip pain and backache are the same, both in the back of the human body. This also causes people with hip pain to be unable to move their body during sleep. They still need knee pillows to help them fix their sleeping posture, thereby reducing pain.
  • Custom Pillow for People with Sciatica Pain
    People suffering from sciatica cannot move their body during sleep, they still need knee pillows to help them fix their sleeping posture, thereby reducing pain.
  • Custom Pillow for People with leg injury
    People with leg injuries are even more unable to move their legs casually. Knee pads will help them to raise their legs too high to promote blood circulation, thereby helping them to recover quickly.
  • Custom Pillow for Pregnant woman
    For many pregnant women, pregnant women often experience leg cramps and back pain. Using a body pillow or small knee pillow may help promote proper spinal alignment. sleeping with a pillow between their knees reduces pressure in the hips and pelvis that occurs as their bellies widen. Knee pillows also help pregnant women who have poor spinal alignment due to back problems related to their size.
  • Custom Pillow for Side Sleepers
    Due to various reasons, many side sleepers experience discomfort with one leg resting on the other, as well as chafing and rubbing when the knees make contact. Knee pillows form a thick, cushioning barrier that keeps the legs apart.
  • Custom Pillow for Back Sleepers
    Back sleepers may experience pain in their lower back because of lack of spinal support. A firm memory foam pillows is recommended under your knees to support your spine and its natural curve. Wedge- and half-moon-shaped knee pillows are the most suitable for back sleepers.
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